Igniter element

1,000W igniter element suitable for Roslagsbrännaren RB20/50/70 pellet burners.

Auger motor RBA25

25W auger motor RBA25 suitable for feed augers for Roslagsbrännaren RB20 pellet burners.

Auger motor RBA40

40W auger motor RBA40 suitable for feed augers for Roslagsbrännaren RB50/70 pellet burners.
(The RBA40 should also be used for the RB20 if the feed auger is located in a bulk store)

Fan RB20

Fan suitable for RB20.

Fan RB50/70

Fan suitable for RB50/70.

Siemens Contactor

Siemens contactor rectifies problems when the relays Q3 & Q4 in the PLC fail.

Siemens PLC

Siemens PLC LOGO! 230RC

Flame sensor 45°

Flame sensor 45° is a sensor for Roslagsbrännaren RB20/50/70 pellet burners, which detects whether the pellet burner has ignited the pellets correctly. It normally has a service life of 4-5 years, after which it is depleted and causes problems, such as pellets “lining up” in the hose, resulting in the auger motor running slowly.

Back-fire protection 95°

Back-fire protection 95° is an overheating protection located on the feed pipe to Roslagsbrännaren RB20/50/70 pellet burners. Back-fire protection 95° ensures that the temperature in the feed pipe does not exceed 95°. If the temperature exceeds 95°, feeding is shut down and the entire burner is turned off to counter possible back-fire. After this, Back-fire protection 95° has to be reset manually.

Hose, feed auger

Fire protection hose for feed auger RBA25/40.
Sold by the metre (at least 1 m).