Firing with a pellet boiler provides carbon dioxide-neutral firing and does not contribute to global warming or climate change. The ash can be used as a natural fertiliser, e.g. in flower beds, plantations, etc. With our Roslagsbrännaren RB pellet burners, you can convert your wood boiler into a pellet boiler.

Cast iron pellet boiler

The superior Viadrus wood boilers are the reason we have become so popular, and the fact that they work equally well as pellet boilers comes as a bonus. As a Viadrus owner, you can now very easily combine different types of energy, such as wood, pellets, wood chips, grain, oil, solar heat and electricity. If you order our pellet package, you get a very flexible and economic alternative to conventional wood firing. Changing from a wood boiler to a pellet boiler is achieved with a couple of simple manoeuvres, and the pellet burner is controlled with an easy-to-operate control box that offers numerous opportunities.

We have developed a solution that is ideally suited to the VIADRUS U22 wood boiler. In order to switch from wood-firing to firing with pellets, a conversion kit is required. This contains a hatch with a flange for the pellet burner, baffle plates and turbulators that are intended for guiding the flow of the flue gases in the boiler in order to achieve a higher degree of efficiency. When the hatch is installed, the pellet burner is suspended on the flange and the baffle plates and turbulators are inserted. All you have to do then is turn on the pellet burner and relax. You now have a pellet boiler!

If you decide to convert the pellet boiler back into a wood boiler at a later date, you simply lift off the pellet burner using the handle and place it to the side of the wood boiler, ensuring it is properly turned off, remove baffle plates and turbulators, and hang the enclosed cover over the flange so that you do not have to change the hatch. This procedure can normally be completed in about a minute.