More and more people are discovering the advantages of cast iron. Above all, this is because cast iron oil & gas boilers usually have a service life of 50 years or more.

Viadrus G700


Natural gas, heating oil

Single row cast iron boiler with overpressure combustion chamber that are especially intended for heating of medium and larger objects. They approved as field proved, reliable, economy and also environmentally friendly in combination with recommended types of burners.

  • Long life time and high economy efficiency of cast iron shell
  • Delivery in assembled or disassembled form including a burner
  • Boiler communication with superior regulation system
  • Regulating elements for heating water up to 115 °C (standardly 90°C) on request
  • A possibility of connection the boilers into cascades
  • Right/left version of doors
  • Easily accessible places of measurement