For decades, cast iron heating boilers have been a reliable and inexpensive source of heating for everything from small cabins to large manor houses. Cast iron heating boilers offer many advantages. A simple design that is operationally reliable and very durable. It is generally considered that a cast iron wood boiler will have a service life of 50 years or more.

Wood boilers

  • Double the lifetime compared to sheet metal wood boilers
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Several sizes, 50-90 cm wood
  • Output using pellets 18-70kW
  • Efficiency 78%

Pellet boilers

  • Environmentally approved wood boiler 30-170 kW
  • Double the lifetime compared to sheet metal wood boilers
  • Wood length up to 135 cm
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Efficiency 90%

Pellet burners

  • Roslagsbrännaren pellet burner
  • Several sizes, 20/50/70 kW
  • 4 year guarantee
  • Can handle poorer B-grade pellets
  • Efficiency 96%

When you select a cast iron boiler from the Czech Republic, you know that it has been made by people who have long experience of wood-burning and of cold winters.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of burning wood, especially as cast iron wood boilers usually have a lifetime of 50 years or more. The boilers are usually very heavy as well, proving that they comprise a large amount of cast iron ensuring the optimum lifetime.

Our wood boilers have the name Viadrus and have been warmly welcomed by owners all over Sweden.

Our low prices and the high quality of the products mean that we are now the market-leading retailer of cast iron wood boilers.

Here are a few comments from happy owners of VIADRUS cast iron wood boilers:

“It’s nice not to have ceramics, which only last a few years anyway”
“The wood feed on my 50 kW/90 cm model is so big that I can fit in loads of wood”
“I save 30% of wood compared to my sheet metal boiler, which was only 12 years old”
“You don’t need to be particularly clever to understand the benefits of a cast iron boiler”
“Even if the accumulator tank is cold when I get home, I can still have a hot shower after burning wood for just 15 minutes”
“With my old combi-boiler, I was in the boiler room for an hour every day, now it is just 5-10 minutes”
“Thanks to the small built-in dimensions, I could fit the boiler in my little boiler room”
“Finally an easy-to-clean boiler with no fan or other peculiarities,” said the chimney-sweep
“I couldn’t resist buying it – it was half the price and double the lifetime”
“It is so easy to fire, my 7-year-old daughter is happy to do it”
“The boiler reaches 90°C in 10 minutes”

Lindquist Heating AB was awarded the highly desirable agency for VIADRUS cast iron wood boilers in 1998.