Here you will find accessories for your boiler installation.

Laddomat 21

Laddomat 21 means that

  • The boiler charges the tank with a high, even output.
  • The boiler burns at an optimum level of efficiency.
  • Charging works by means of self-circulation in the event of a power failure.
  • The boiler’s remaining heat is utilised.

When you have lit the boiler, the pump is started by the flue thermostat and the boiler quickly heats up. 15–30 minutes after lighting, the Laddomat 21 has filled the upper part of the tank, providing you with both hot water and heat. The boundary layer* means that the hot water at the top does not mix with the cold water at the bottom.
* Boundary layer = distinct boundary between hot, light water and cold, heavy water.

When the tank has been filled, the Laddomat 21 closes the bypass opening so that the final heat is charged over to the tank.
After this, the flue thermostat ensures that the Laddomat 21 pump is stopped, so that the remaining heat in the boiler is transferred to the tank.

Thermomatic EC Home ensures that the return water from the radiators is as cool as possible. This ensures that the boundary layer is retained, which is extremely important for the tank’s storage ability. The self-circulation valve in the Laddomat 21 ensures that the remaining heat in the boiler is transferred to the top of the tank as the heat in the tank is used.

Laddomat 21-60

Laddomat 21-100

Thermomatic EC Home

Thermomatic EC Home maintains the desired indoor temperature, regardless of whether outside it is

– blowing a cold northerly wind.
– damp and raw.
– warm in the spring sunshine.

Thermomatic EC Home utilises all surplus heat from lamps, the TV, cooker, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or people spending time in the building. You simply set the desired temperature on the room sensor. Thermomatic EC Home takes care of the rest.

  • Saves 24% of energy, according to tests in Råd & Rön 2/01.
  • Increases the tank’s storage capacity.
  • Raises the comfort level in your house.
  • You install it yourself, no professionals required.
Laddomat Kulvert 31

Laddomat Kulvert 31 regulates automatic charging between main tank and slave tank. For optimum function and maximum efficiency in an accumulator and culvert system, a boundary layer and finely adjusted temperature levels in the tank are required. A high charging temperature is an advantage, as this provides more energy per overpumping. The fewer overpumpings, the smaller the losses.

  • A perfect boundary layer in both main and slave tank is achieved thanks to a low water flow.
  • A low culvert water temperature produces low culvert losses and provides the opportunity to select the less expensive PEX pipes.
  • A low return temperature to the main tank produces high accumulator capacity.
  • Automatic start-up of reserve heating when the tank is empty.
  • Automatic stopping of the charge pump guarantees that the reserve heating does not heat the main tank.
Draft limitation hatch

The main tasks of the draft limitation hatch are to neutralise drafts that are built up by the chimney and to counteract high flue gas temperatures and condensation.
A draft limitation hatch can be installed for example in the flue between the wood boiler and the chimney.
The draft conditions vary depending on whether the chimney is hot or cold.
The draft limitation hatch provides automatic regulation if the draft from the chimney becomes too high.